Sunday, April 21, 2019

school fun

I go to go with Haven's class to Biltmore Estate.  It was a fun day and my group of girls were good.  Haven rode in the charter bus and grammy and Pop drove me.  She enjoyed seeing something that she has read and learned about at school. 

All three kids performed in the Art and Music Festival at school. Jensen did sign language and sung, Jovie danced, and Haven played drums.  They had fun art activities to do in the cafeteria too.  Fun night.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Beginning of April

April started with beautiful weather and we have been outside a ton.  Jovie has been really enjoying our neighbors.  She visits their dogs and helps with chores. She has such a sweet heart.

Jeremy and I took our second quarter trip to Bryson City for two nights.  We stayed in a cute house by the river, took a train ride and saw Lake Fontana, ate by the Nantahala river, visited some waterfalls, and ate delicious food.


We drove the 4 slow, bumpy miles to Wisemans' Peak.  It was not so wise but we had a wonderful time together.

March fun

Jovie and I went on a date night.  She read stories to me at Barnes and Noble.  We had fun.

Jensen started soccer at the Y.  It has been fun for all of us.

Jeremy is always a good sport.

We always have fun at Grammy and Pop's when he gets his car out.

Jensen lost is first tooth on his own. The others have been pulled.

Jovie and Spirit hanging out.

Jovie and Daddy having fun with the camera.

Jovie planned a wedding for her and her toy, Axel.  Drew came over to officiate and Haven helped.  Jensen and Spirit were in the audience.

The kids had a workday off from school so we finally made it to WingHaven Gardens. We enjoyed exploring, ate lunch with Daddy uptown, came back to the gardens to explore with the Bradleys and then went to Freedom park for some more fun.

We enjoyed the Y trail one beautiful spring morning.  We found beaver activity and climbed on trees. Good for our hearts.