Sunday, March 24, 2019

GWL getaway

We took the kids out of school for a day and enjoyed the water and rides at GWL.  We had so much!  We sucked every minute out of possible.  Jensen hit the jackpot in the arcade.  The kids saw lots of teenagers hanging out in the hallways and they thought they were so silly.  

We celebrated Bethany's birthday there on Friday too.  

 We ended that Friday night celebrating sweet Maeve Marie that left our friends the Whilden's too early.  Jovie drew a the sign for her the next day.  

Friday, March 22, 2019

Jovie's Birthday and Baptism

Jovie had a special 8th birthday.  We took cookie cake to school and then she had her first big sleepover with friends and cousins.  The girls giggled, played, and stayed up late.  We survived! 

Also, she got baptized on her actual birthday! She had been talking about baptism for a while and we wanted to make sure she was ready and that our family could be there.  It was a really sweet day and I know it will always be a memorable day.

We ended the day with ice cream at Tony's since that is Jovie's birthday tradition.  I'll never forget eating ice cream while having contractions and a few hours later she was here.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sweet days

We've been seizing the moments lately and trying to enjoy the simple and easy.  I love seeing these kids read together!

Jensen celebrated Dr. Seuss day.

We enjoyed Kids Day at the Hornets game.  They were playing the Trailblazers.  We loved walking around downtown and enjoyed a great game!

Mid February

We had a special Valentine's Day.  We wrote love notes on sticky notes everyday for each other and we all loved it.  The kids had special parties at school.  Jeremy and I exchanged sweet gifts and then we all went to jump at DefyGravity.  We almost had the place to ourselves and decided it was a perfect tradition to start.

I got to be the principal for a day at a local elementary school in our county.  I enjoyed it so much and have so much more respect for our administrators. 

Jensen got to bring home Pete the Cat home from school and we had fun playing with him.

Haven finally got to enjoy her Christmas present at On Track Yoga in Mt. Holly. Bethany went with her and they loved learning to fly on the aerial silks.

Jeremy got asked to play some games with our church basketball team and we have loved going to watch his games.

He loves his daddy!