Friday, January 25, 2019

A New Year

Jeremy and Haven started off the year with a date at Chuck E Cheese's.  They wore their matching shirts and Jensen changed into his when he saw that they had theirs on.

Jeremy surprised me with a trip to Portland, Oregon.  I found it on my calendar a little before Christmas, but didn't know where we were going until a few days before. We've had Portland on our travel lists for a while, so I was super excited! It was the first time we went anywhere together without kids in 1.5 years.

The Rockies

We stayed at a new fancy Hampton Inn in the Pearl District.  We had an awesome guy named Harvy that worked there give us lots of good food ideas.  We at the first night at Tilt, to die for burgers and fries.

We walked around the first night a little while and enjoyed the chilly weather and a new city.

This Presbyterian church was beautiful with amazing stained glass. 

We used the light rail system and found it to be cheap and easy.

After a early healthy breakfast at the hotel, we hit up our first donut experience at Blue Star.

We rented a car and drove to the Pacific coast.  The drive was straight, green, and relaxing.

We found our way to Cannon Beach and found this Lewis/Clark/Sacajewa art installation. 

We drove up on Haystack Rock and it shocked us.  It was rainy and we gasped.

We ate lunch at one of the only restaurants on the beach, The Wayfarer.

We drove back through Portland east to see The Wahkeena Falls and Multnomah Falls.

I loved the moss and ferns everywhere.  The rain and cool weather make some beautiful creations.

We had cute, blue Ford fiesta.

We walked around downtown some more that night and stopped at Powell's bookstore.  It was overwhelming, but wonderful.

Saturday, we got up and walked around and saw the Chinese Garden, hit up Voodoo Doughnut, and hopped on the light rail.

Holt Arboretum was at the Washington Park stop, the zoo and kid's museum are there also.  We walked for a while around the Arboretum and were surprised by some of God's beauty.

There were gardens for different plant types. We explored around the Holly garden. 

We walked to the viewpoint and could see the peaks of Mt. Saint Helens and three more of those NorthWest mountains.  It was unbelievable.  Pictures don't do it justice.

There were lots of cool murals and art installations in this artsy town.

There are 7 bridges in the downtown Portland area. 

We rode the light rail over to Grant Park to see the Beverly Cleary school, park statues, and neat neighborhood.  We found some awesome southern cooking in the Hollywood neighborhood, at Reo's Ribs.

We stopped at the Moda Center and checked out the fan shop.

There was lot of good stores in the city too.  We loved the Michael Jordan art in the Nike store.  The REI and Keen stores were also cool.

We found a toy store and a huge gorilla like Jeremy bought me in college.  I wish I still had him. 

We ate dinner at Deschutes Brewery.  

We got up super early to get back to the airport on Sunday morning and enjoyed our flights home.  We saw lots of snow and frozen lakes in Minnesota. What a wonderful gift to be together for days!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Ending the year with friends

The kids and I went on an adventure with Wendy and Bonnie plus their kids to Raleigh. We spent one night, went to two museums, and walked around the capitol.  We had a lot of fun and didn't sleep enough due to the nightlife outside our hotel.  This trip will make us laugh for a long time.

We went to dinner on New Year's Eve with our family and friends.  Our normal steakhouse was closed to we ate at a local Italian restaurant. We always have a good time.

We enjoyed an early New Year's kiss and were asleep before the fireworks started.  We are ready for 2019.