Sunday, September 2, 2018

Vacation pt2

Day 4- Started with a drive to the top of Kentucky to the Creation Museum. It was a beautiful museum with lots of deep messages.  The kids liked the animals, butterflies, bones, etc.  They didn't like all the reading and deep stuff.  

Jovie loved this build the ark game.

The boys loved the dinosaurs.

The girls loved the bugs.


The kids first camel rides.

Lyndsey taught the girls how to cross stitch.

The next day we went to the ark. It was amazing. The grounds and outside were beautiful! 

We stumbled upon lots of amish and I loved it.

The museum was beautiful. It was huge and amazing.  It was interactive for kids, but still pretty amazing.

We spent most of the time with the goats.

Kentucky was so green and beautiful!

Pool time is always fun!

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