Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Back to School and Labor Day!

This year we have a kindergartener, 2nd grader, and 4th grader.  It will be an exciting year! I'm PTO vice president, so we are ready for a great year.

For Labor day, we dropped off the baby and headed on an adventure.  We stopped in Helen, Georgia for lunch and then made our way to Babyland General Hospital. 

It was magical and we got there just in time for a a birth by mother cabbage.  

We headed into Atlanta for the Legoland Discovery Center.  It was cool, but nothing compared to Legoland.

We couldn't find a hotel in the city but we did catch dinner at The Varsity! We had to stay 30 minutes outside of town. 

We came back into Atlanta for the Georgia Aquarium.  It was packed, but the whale shark made it worth it!

We walked over to Centennial Park but didn't go to the World of Coke.  We were too tired and there were too many people. 

We headed to Stone Mountain Park and played on a cool playground and then met up with the Lands for the hike to the top.  We were all soaken wet and tired, but felt proud of our effort. We had IHOP with them for dinner and then found a hotel and relaxed. 

We stopped by one of the Chickfila Dwark House stores. 

We stopped in Greenville on the way home for lunch and froyo.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Last Few Weeks of Summer

The kids and I went to the beach with Wendy and her kids.  Pop and Grammy came too. We had a great time.  The weather was nice and it was relaxing.

Brooklynn came over for a sleepover!

We went on a hike at the Seven Oaks Preserve Trail.  We thought we were going to see flowers and butterflies, but we saw kudzu.  We will have to try it again during the spring and maybe on the Daniel  Stowe Botanical Garden side. 

We ate lunch at The Cherub Cafe and then got candy at the Cotton Candy Factory. 

The kids and I had lunch and ice cream in town one day. I don't even remember where were coming from. 

We finally tried the sliding rock outside of South Mountains State Park.  We didn't have socks or floats, but had fun anyway.  We know what to take next time. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Biltmore with B and W!

For Wendy's 40th we decided to go to the Biltmore for the house and a concert.  It was a lovely 2 days. Everything is just beautiful and walking around leisurely with my two favorite girls was just amazing.

The man himself, Frederick Law Olmsted, master landscaper.

The Chihuly exhibit was extraordinary.

Lauren Dangle started singing and a storm rolled in, so we ended shoulder to shoulder in the first floor of the estate while the storm passed over.  She got to come out and finish her show and then For King and Country put on an amazing concert. 

We went on the curviest road in NC to see Roaring Fork Falls that has been on list forever.