Sunday, July 22, 2018

July part 1

We escaped to South Mountain one Sunday afternoon and it was magical. 

We got to go to one day of Wilora Lake VBS.  It cute to see the reverse VBS at the retirement home.

July 4th we hung out at home, ate lunch at my parents, went swimming and did fireworks with our neighbors.  Jeremy and the big kids watched the big fireworks the Saturday before at the high school. 

We went on an adventure in Hickory to the Catawba Science Center/Art Museum, Mellow Mushroom and then to a few parks. 

The girls had church camp for three days.  They had a fun time. 

Swimming with the MacLeods at their new house.

I took Jensen and Sawyer bowling while the girls were at camp one day.

We had our small group over for a summer cookout.

Kids went to VBS at New Covenant Church. 

Then we hit a few summer bucket list items with Chuck E Cheese's and a ride through the country that led us to Cracker Barrell and Murray's Mill

Friday, July 20, 2018

june pt 2

We bought a slip n slide and it last two slides before a tear. 

We loved celebrating the best dad around!

We went to see Lyndsey's new apartment and swam in her nice pool.

We visited a park that had a renovation.  Bailey Road Park was a hit. So cute.

We grew Bob Ross.  It was hilarious. 

Haven made a dirt baby at school.  It grew for a long time.  

The girls loved dance camp.  They learned a lot and were beautiful dancers.

We finally got a real playset.  Haven is 9.5 and we decided it was time. haha a little late to this game.

A friend gave us Knights tickets.  It was fun, but Jovie said never take her to anything that has to do with a ball again.  

Swimming with friends.

Summer Fun

We've spent some time wondering around Lincolnton this summer while foster baby Kelly has visits. We found a free library, an art gallery for people with disabilities and fun art on the rail trail.

Swimming at Jackie and Dieter's is part of summer fun.

Met the Norkett's uptown for some park and library fun.  We ate dinner with Jeremy while we were there.

We went on a memorial trip day with cousins to see the kids great grandparent's graves and Billy Graham's grave.  They enjoyed the library.  We saw a few airplanes too.

Our garden is growing.  I have learned this summer that I love the preparation, work and growing of the garden, but I don't love cooking all of the stuff. 

More Swimming with neighbors.