Sunday, June 24, 2018

End of School

Memorial Day at the beach was a great break from normal life. 

Dad of the year.

The kids got to sing at Rushing Winds studio with Jeremy's dad.  He wrote a song for Grandcamp.

Pop took Jensen to fish at the lake. 

We went to the lake day for foster care.  It was a fun experience.

Jake finished 5th grade.  Jensen and I 

2nd Half of May

Zoo field trip with first graders!

Jensen's Preschool graduation.  We can't believe our third kiddo is finished with preschool.  Jensen will be awesome next year in kindergarten.  He is ready and so are we.  We are proud of him!

Haven did awesome at her acrobatics rehearsal and recital.  

Mrs. Michelle Ashley came see her rehearsal

We had a great foster care appreciation dinner and magic show. We got gifts and flowers.  It was so nice and we had no idea 

First part of May

Acrobatics picture night.  

We finally organized our lego!

Jovie had a cute program at school. She is on the top row.

We had an election day off from school so we met the Norketts at Wise Acres for strawberry farm.  They loved the animals, the berries, but mostly the ziplines.

Donuts with Dad.

Muffins with Mom.

Kids gone wild with chalk.

The Y pool opened!

Mother's Day with my kiddos uptown with the hospital behind us!