Thursday, May 17, 2018

April flew in and flew out

Haven got braces on her top teeth to fix a few problems! She will get them again in a few years when her permanent teeth are in.

Jensen had his last preschool fun day!

We got a new long term foster placement April 12th. So we have been in baby land trying to remember hw to do everything with a baby in tow.

Our garden is starting off well. We are looking forward to the fruits of our labor.

I find all kinds of pictures on my phone by Jovie.
Jeremy being an amazing dad. Reading a book and feeding a baby.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spring Break part 2

The kids were so excited to find out that we were headed to Georgia for the last part of spring break to see their Andler cousins.  The Lands live in Monroe, GA and Levie was in her last production before she graduates.  Maya was also a stagehand.  We got to a great show and visit with some of our favorite people.  Their town is the cutest with an ice cream shop and amazing kids bookstore.  They are renovating a house and we can't wait to go back.  We stopped at the Greenville Zoo on the way down for an hour or so.  Jovie lost a tooth while we were there.  We had a great trip!

Spring Break Part 1

Movie started spring break off with a little mouth work.  She had a few cavities filled.  

So we got ice cream.

The girls have been taking piano and voice lessons from the music teacher at school this year.  They do really well, but say they don't love it.

We went to the Mooresville Y pool.  

We met Kim and Zeke for a playdate.

Girls covered in chalk.  

Jovie and Lacey had a sleepover.  Haven spent the night with Ava.  This was our first friend overnight.

The dogwood tree bloomed just in time for easter.

Our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt went great.  Lots of families showed up.

We met our family for church Sunday night.

They got their favorite candy and a movie!

After church and lunch Sunday at the Andlers, we headed to the beach. Three glorious, windy days at Oak Island does the body good!