Thursday, April 5, 2018

March Flew By!

We had a great, busy March.  We did lots of fun stuff and had some new experiences.  

Haven made her largest slime bubble.

Jeremy and I played laser tag with our small group and I was the #3 shooter!

Jensen and I watched Billy Graham's funeral. It was very emotional.

We celebrated Bethany's 9th bday. 

Movie went to Lacey's party while Haven went jumping for Vivie's party.

We had a foster baby for a weekend.

Jovie and Jensen are pretty sweet with each other.

Haven was home sick for a few days, but on her last day she was feeling better and we went exploring in our neighborhood.

Jensen went to Alayna's party and it was beautiful. All of his preschool friends are so cute!

We were invited to Jeremy's coworkers wedding.  It was a wonderful cultural experience.  We didn't know what to expect so it was quite an adventure for the kids. 

We had "Books and Bedtime Stories" at school and we listened to Mr. Henderson read. 

We started some seeds indoors and now have lots of plants to transplant.

Haven did an awesome Rosa Parks project.  We all learned a lot.

We made it to a Children's Theater production of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."

While there we played in the library too.

We took the light rail all the way down our dorm at UNCC.  Jensen and Jovie were acting like Jeremy and I falling in love.

We stopped by Pelican's on the way home. 

This cutie is always making us laugh.

We got to see the Harlem Globetrotters at UNCC.  It was a great show and he all had a blast.

Haven's class made bird's nests out of jelly beans, toothpicks, and peeps.  I love volunteering at their school.