Saturday, February 17, 2018

TOALWF Day 7 Legoland

We had breakfast in the hotel and then played while we waited for the park to open.  There are lights and music in the elevator every time you get in.  It's pretty funny.

The park was really fun. There were lots of great rides for the ages of our kids.  The 4d and live shows were really cute.  The models all over the park are incredible.  The kids loved finding the next crazy huge model, like the cities, Einstein, and the giraffe.

The hotel at night.  It was a great vacation! We flew out early the next morning and headed back to reality.  We love to travel so we are already planning our next adventure.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


We headed to Legoland and saw the hidden Mickey on the power lines.  We got to Legoland really early, so we played for a little while and then got lunch and drove the kids to see Lake Wales where Jeremy grew up.  We saw his old house, school, and church.  The kids played at the playground by the lake.  

After we got back to the hotel, the kids made some creations and enjoyed some of the characters before our room was ready.  When we got to our room their was a scavenger hunt that led them to a treasure chest.   We swam a while after dinner and then went to the dance party in the lobby.  Jensen was funny doing the limbo.  He made the characters laugh too.  

Jovie with Jovie the Jester. That was a fun surprise.