Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Last week of 2017

We had some sleepovers and playdates and lunch dates and family dates.

Haven and Stella 

Birthdays and Christmas lunch after sickness was gone.

We got a fun surprise when a friend had Hornets tickets for the game Jeremy was really hoping to go to on 27th.  So we went to Hornets games two Wednesdays in a row.

Jovie didn't want to go so she slept over with Jules and Bethany.

Jensen finally closed his one night for 5 minutes.  He hasn't taken a nap in probably a year and a half. 

We got the Oregon Trail card game for Christmas and it was quite horrifying for our kids.  The girls cried about all the dying.  Jeremy and I enjoyed ourselves.

We spent the last day of the year at church and then to dinner with friends.  

We didn't quite make it to midnight.  The kids were at Grammy and Pops.  2017 was challenging and then refreshing, but wonderful.  We learned so much as a family from foster care and look forward to a new year.

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