Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Day

We started the morning with sausage balls and surprise presents. The kids were super excited and Haven was the first to wake up.  

After getting ready we headed to Mint Hill for presents with the Andler family. 

Haven has been dreaming of the day to get Kit. 

Jackie got Jensen Hulk gear.

Jensen was so sweet playing with the Christmas musical toys.

We got way too much stuff as usual but we are thankful for the goodies.  Most of all we are thankful for this season of love, new life, and hope. 

Christmas Eve

We had church Christmas Eve morning, lunch and then played with new toys all afternoon.  At dark we drove around to some local Christmas light displays before heading to my parent's for our extended family Christmas.

Mickey and Minnie since we are headed to see them soon.

Bradham family time of food and gifts. 

We got everything ready for Christmas morning before we headed to bed.

Christmas Eve Eve

Everybody was feeling better by Christmas Eve Eve, so we headed to Grammy and Pop's in the afternoon to open presents with family.  

Pop and Grammy had on Mickey house socks and ears.  We got a phone call from Minnie and Mickey to tell the kids that we are on a Disney Cruise in January!

We played with toys and played games.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Jeremy and I turned 37 last week.  Jensen was sick on my birthday but felt better for us to go to a Hornets game and we ended up sitting with the McSwains who were there for Jake's birthday. 

On Jeremy's birthday, we went to Birkdale for lunch. 

We went to McAdvenville with Grammy and Pop to see the lights. There was lots of traffic but it was the same as always.  Beautiful and nostalgic.

Unfortunately, Jovie got sick on the way home and Haven and Jensen had a sleepover.  Luckily, it was a 24 hour thing and no one else got sick. 

Friday, all plans were cancelled and we just enjoyed being home and resting.