Friday, June 30, 2017

Second Week of Summer

The second week of summer started with a wonderful father's day celebrating a wonderful daddy. These kids are lucky.  

I love my daddy too. He is one of the best.

I love this girl's face in goggles.

The girls had three days of horse camp at Cherry Acres.  They loved it and are asking to go again.

Jensen and I had a date at the park for a bike ride and play time.

Jovie loved Cam during camp but rode Maverick in the show.

Haven rode Jet.

We have had so much rain lately and the kids always love getting muddy.

Jensen got his first short summer haircut.  I miss his blond locks.

All 5 watching a video.  So cute.

Friday, we went uptown for exploring.  We hit up a Berry Bowl food truck, The Greens, Wells Fargo Museum, and Imaginon for the Tinker Toy exhibits. 

Jeremy took the kids up to his floor so they could see where he works and get a view from 9 floors up.

Saturday, we explored a little around Murray's Mill and ate lunch at The Landing on the lake. 

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