Sunday, May 21, 2017

May Memories

Acrobatics picture day with two sweet cousins

and two more friends from church.

My Chaco sandals finally started stinking too bad and splitting. I got them in 2004, so they are 13 years old.  I love my new pair and got them at a steal!

Jovie made a beautiful nest one day. 

Ive enjoyed time on the trails this spring.

Our garden bed is doing great.  We harvested lots of spinach and broccoli so far.

Haven and Jovie got to go on a special field trip to Kidz Rock for raising $100 each for the fun run.

Jensen has spent lots of hanging out in the trees and woods.

and finding frogs.

We finally ordered a hammock for our stand.  The kids have loved it.

Strawberry Picking

We met the McSwains and Bradleys at Linebergers for our annual strawberry picking.  The berries were juicy but small.  Everyone enjoyed playing and slushes the most.  

spring with friends

Although at times we have felt like our foster care journey has slowed us down, we have still gotten to do lots of fun stuff.  The twins are with their mom on Saturday and Sunday, so we have enjoyed our weekends as a family of 5.

The girls had a playdate at the McCormick's house.

Playdate at the Norkett's house

Jovie got off the bus reading one day.  I love it!

Jensen started his second year of t-ball at the Y.  It's going to be fun.

I helped in Jovie's class one day. Kindergartners are exhausting.

YMCA Healthy Kids day was a blast!

Walk in the woods with the Bradleys

Sunday night movie with stella to see Born in China

Muffins with Mom with Jensen

NICU picnic day is always exciting.  We had ice cream, played games, saw a few nurses and friends. 

Bryson's Birthday party at the bowling alley.

Katie's birthday party at the park.

Drew's birthday party at the pottery place.