Wednesday, March 8, 2017

An eventful warm winter

Jensen and his cool preschool class were featured on the Y's Facebook page one day. So cute!

Jeremy had a second nasty infection that took weeks to heal.

We had our first experience with the flu in our family history. Jovie was the first to go down.

The kids love our neighbors animals. 

Jensen was the second to go down.

Jovie got feeling better and liked looking at her new tooth.

Haven was third but she was followed quickly by Jeremy.

Jensen had a Valentine's Party in his class and I got to go help.  

We are starting our third season with the Y garden.  Everything is bare now, but pretty soon it will be lush and beautiful.

Jeremy and I got to sneak a way for a few little Valentine's quick dates.

We painted one day.  Here are a few of mine.

The weather has been very mild and we have loved being outside enjoying the weather.

Jensen had his first dentist appointment to check out some spots that Meme was concerned about. The first appointment went really smooth, the second one to fill a few cavities was horrendous.  We have to go back a third time with him being put under for his safety.

We had $1 snocones with cousins.

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