Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Eve Eves

Sarah started running and fever early in the week. Jensen enjoyed giving her some toys while she rested.  We still got to eat out for our birthdays with Jeremy's family and seeing the lights at the Speedway.

Jovie let wendy pull her first tooth.  She was really proud and looks so cute!

We celebrated with our bonus cousins the Bradleys!

After they left, Jovie started running a fever and was sick on her stomach for about 24 hours.

We were supposed to have our Bradham Christmas on Friday at lunch since everybody was off work, but since Jovie was sick and we may have been contagious, we just met up to open one present outside in the driveway.

Jake got a drone.

The girls got their first American Girl dolls.

Jensen got a guitar.

Jovie took a nice long nap with her new doll.

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