Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The End of 2016

We had a pretty crazy year with our foster care adventure and my sister finishing cancer treatments. Jovie started school and Haven and Jensen just keep growing too. We've learned a lot, had hard days, had good days, and are stronger as a family unit.  We pray for a great new year!

Jeremy ended the year with a little procedure.  Poor guy!

We spent our New Year's Eve dinner with our favorite dinner friends. I'm thankful for traditions and friends.

Christmas Extended

The Monday after Christmas we met with our Bradham family to finish up our Christmas celebration.  The kids had a blast opening even more presents.

Here is our yearly picture of all the presents because I know one year we will say what year did you get that doll or something and we can look back and see.

Christmas Eve and Day

Jovie started feeling much better and we were able to exchange gifts and play with our neighbors, The Taylors, Mason and Katie.

We went to Grammy and Pops to celebrate Christmas with our Bradham family.  It is always fun to see all of our cousins.

Jonah (6), Boyd (16), Jensen (4), Jake (10), Bethany (7), Haven (8), Isabella (9 almost 10), Jovie (5), Kyli (13), Jobe (6)

Santa came to visit us. 

The kids were excited on Christmas morning. Jensen thought it was supposed to snow so he ran to the window first to look before he even went to his presents.

We had a great church service with our family.

We headed to the Andlers for lunch and presents.

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus! We had a nice Christmas.  We were most thankful that Jovie got well quickly and that no one else got sick!

Christmas Eve Eves

Sarah started running and fever early in the week. Jensen enjoyed giving her some toys while she rested.  We still got to eat out for our birthdays with Jeremy's family and seeing the lights at the Speedway.

Jovie let wendy pull her first tooth.  She was really proud and looks so cute!

We celebrated with our bonus cousins the Bradleys!

After they left, Jovie started running a fever and was sick on her stomach for about 24 hours.

We were supposed to have our Bradham Christmas on Friday at lunch since everybody was off work, but since Jovie was sick and we may have been contagious, we just met up to open one present outside in the driveway.

Jake got a drone.

The girls got their first American Girl dolls.

Jensen got a guitar.

Jovie took a nice long nap with her new doll.