Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Week

Movie's art was featured in the hallway at school.  Bottom right

The trees were late changing colors this year, but when they did they were beautiful.  We had some nice warm days to enjoy the fall.  It was lovely.

We went to Abide a while acres again for a little christmas fun and to get a picture taken for $10. Such a good deal for our family.

Jensen had a little program and dinner for thanksgiving at the y and the big sisters were excited to see each other.  Jovie, Clare, and Avery

Cute little turkey

We went to the Charlotte parade again and had a good time.  It was warmer this year, but the sun was in our eyes.  We stayed an hour and half and then had to leave to make it to lunch on time.  Maybe one year we will see the end.

We ate lunch with the Pop and Grammy and the McSwains and then headed to the Andlers for dinner. Of course turning on the Christmas lights was the highlight of the evening.

I got a shorter haircut after a long time with long hair.  It feels great!

Saturday we met up with college friends for a playdate.  Andy and Lindsey and their boys were in town from Edmonton Canada and we got to see them along with another family they were staying with.

Jovie, Haven, Jensen, Lincoln, Paxton, and Anderson

Dave, Andy, and Jeremy

After church that Sunday, we went to Cedar Lake Farm to get our Christmas tree .

The owner got the birds going wild with food and our kids were equally scared to death and loving it.

There is so much to explore on this little farm.  We are excited to keep this yearly tradition.

Haven and I got to use Meme's tickets to see Peeps in the Charlotte Civic Orchestra's Christmas program. We enjoyed the show.  Haven loved the dancing.

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