Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Celebrations

We started our Christmas celebration by going to our first DSS Christmas Party.  Our kids got presents and the twins got to celebrate with their family too.

Lincolnton looked really pretty.

We had a minimalist Christmas tree this year due to being afraid the twins would pull it down, but they didn't!

Jensen at the Y.

Jovie got to have Bucky bear for the week from school.

We had a great celebration at church with our children' ministries.

We love watching all the cute Christmas shows on tv plus all of our memory ornaments are so special.

Jensen sat up the whole nativity.  He was proud.

We saw the bears at Birkdale.

Jensen had a cute program at preschool and we enjoyed the cookies.

His teachers, Miss Brianna and Mrs. Kelley

Jensen and Carl, i mean Santa.

Christmas parties at school were so fun.  I love being at the school with our girls.

We left the twins one night and took the kids to see Moana.

Jovie pretending to be Mary.

Grammy got them an early present.  They loved their own garden fairy kits.

Movie's party!

The twins visit got cancelled the Monday before Christmas so we headed uptown to meet Jeremy and see the bears, gingerbread houses, and get some dinner.

Oh yeah, it was my 36th birthday too!

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