Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The end of October

The Colt Stampede Fun Run was a great day! Both girls raised over $100 for the school and had fun with their friends.

Haven and Mrs. Cato

Jovie's class eating their ice cream.

I looked over and saw this one day.  So cute.

The kids enjoyed trying out lots of Halloween costumes this year.  Mason joined their Superhero team.  

The Bradleys hosted their annual fall party.  The kids were a peacock, the black panther, egyptian princess, and the babies were a cat and superman.

Jackie and Dieter hosted our pumpkin carving party for the street.  We carved a frankenstein, peacock, paw patrol pup and shopkin peppermint.

The kids were out of school on Halloween, so we left the babies with a sitter and hit up Defy Gravity!

Jensen finally took a nap after months of being tired.

Halloween night we enjoyed trick or treating in our hood.  

Mrs. Ann dressed up too.

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