Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gatlinburg 2016

We left the babies with respite care and headed for the hills. We went to our annual Andler trip to Gatlinburg.

The Christmas lights were on and the kids loved pointing them all out.

The hot tub is always the highlight for the kids and cousins.

We stayed at a new house with lots of space.  It was nice.

Jovie was really croupy so we headed to an urgent care.  That seems to be a trend for our trips.

She made puppets with tissue and qtips.

We didn't take many pictures and this is one of the only group shots I got.

The Santa Clause shop is always a nice stop. The kids talked to Santa and got a picture.

We went to see Trolls and it was super cute.

Movie found her boyfriend in a store in Gatlinburg.

Cousin Fun

We stopped at the Western NC Nature Center on the way home.  It was fun to see the animals and play with the big kids for a little longer before we got the foster babies back.

Unfortunately, when we got home we realized we lost our fish of two years.  Haven was really sad, but we gave it a nice burial the next day.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fall Fell In Slowly

Haven had her follow up appointment at the ear doctor.  Everything was fine!

Jensen was super cute one day and I had to take pictures.

We had a our first fire of the fall.

Jovie was elected president of her class. She was pretty happy about it.

We met up with the Norketts at Reedy Creek Park.  It was an awesome park with lots of natural 

The kids had so much fun playing together.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The end of October

The Colt Stampede Fun Run was a great day! Both girls raised over $100 for the school and had fun with their friends.

Haven and Mrs. Cato

Jovie's class eating their ice cream.

I looked over and saw this one day.  So cute.

The kids enjoyed trying out lots of Halloween costumes this year.  Mason joined their Superhero team.  

The Bradleys hosted their annual fall party.  The kids were a peacock, the black panther, egyptian princess, and the babies were a cat and superman.

Jackie and Dieter hosted our pumpkin carving party for the street.  We carved a frankenstein, peacock, paw patrol pup and shopkin peppermint.

The kids were out of school on Halloween, so we left the babies with a sitter and hit up Defy Gravity!

Jensen finally took a nap after months of being tired.

Halloween night we enjoyed trick or treating in our hood.  

Mrs. Ann dressed up too.