Friday, October 28, 2016

First few weeks of October

The girls and I started October racing for the cure.

We've enjoyed lots of time outside with cooler days and fun in nature.

We went by the farm one Sunday morning since we went to church Saturday night and the kids loved seeing the horses.

Haven and Jensen have enjoying climbing this tree in our yard.

We had a fun at the Family Round Up at school.

We went with the McSwains, Chaneys and Bradleys to Linebergers for pumpkins.  It is always so fun.

We've had smores at the Hybargers.

The three big kids and I went to Pelican's while the babies were at their visit.

Jensen and I have been trying to do some fun things together while the babies are at the y or while they are napping in the car. We went to Rock Springs Nature Preserve one day.  

Our library time is always interesting.  Jensen enjoyed finding a pumpkin one week.

Dress up play comes and goes at our house.  This day it was in big time.

We have broccoli growing in the garden.

The kids rode behind the Morrison's 4 wheeler one night.

Jeremy and Jovie at fun at her pumpkin patch field trip.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jeremy's car situation

So the Lumina was costing a little too much to maintain and the air wasn't working so Jeremy finally gave in and we donated her to WDAV. We bought a 2009 CRV which is super close to what I had before we got our van.  Jeremy took a little photo shoot with his car.

Monday, October 3, 2016


September got really busy, really fast! We had a few fun birthday parties, church events, lots of amazing rainbows, birthday celebrations, fun school days, and we got our first calls from the foster care system.  After two calls that ended with other placements for the kids, our third call brought us twin 1 year olds. So, our fun September of Jensen learning to ride his bike without training wheels and broccoli growing strong is turning into a wonderful Fall filled with new adventures.