Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day trip to Asheville

The last escapade on our summer list consisted of a few stops in Asheville. 

We got excited as we saw the mountains emerge and the temperature drop.

Our first stop was the Western NC Nature Center.  We saw this spotted turtle.

Jovie loved the weasel.

We finally saw the bears,  They were hiding last time.

They always love painting with water.  How simple does it get?

Our next stop was a little drive through this tunnel.

My favorite stop was the Echoview Fiber Mill. The kids love the river rocks.  

We drove on the parkway through a few little towns and made a few stops in Little Switzerland, overlooks and at at mining store. 

We stopped at Luray Falls for the kids to "hike."

We had a great day exploring our state.

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