Thursday, August 4, 2016

4th Week of July

We started Monday morning off with a ride 85 to Dan Nicholas Park.  As usual, we had a great, hot time.  It did rain while we were there and the kids were all so good.  We took Lexi and Gabriel with us too.  Having teenagers with us was nice.  They are good kids.  

We swam Monday night to cool off and the kids just enjoyed being outside.

Tuesday, Grammy and Pop took the kids to the park and fishing. They caught a few fish, but Jensen fell and hit his head on a rock.  So, we headed to the ER after lunch.  

Wednesday morning, we went to Martha Rivers Park in Gastonia to play.  They enjoyed the random dog the most.  We stopped at Chick fila for lunch and then went to the airport overlook to see a few planes.

We swam with our neighbors Wednesday night and Jensen was taking pictures of every one.

Thursday morning, we met the Norkett girls at the UNCC Botanical Gardens.  The kids enjoyed learning about the venus fly traps.  The gardens are beautiful. I can't believe we have never been there before. 

Lyndsey just moved, so we went to see her house and then to a local ice cream/frozen ice place in Concord, Papa Robb's.

Haven got stuck in a box.  

Friday morning, we went to the Y then to Vanessa's house from church to play.  Pop wanted to meet us for lunch and Frosty's.  We should have bought his lunch because he fixed our a/c the night before at bedtime. Thank God for a smart daddy.

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