Sunday, August 28, 2016

3rd Week of August

After we got home from the beach, we got busy planning Grounds day for the school and had to do lots of pick-ups, deliveries, and planning. The kids were very flexible and Dunkin Donuts helped.  We also had our first home meals delivery through the East Lincoln Christian Ministry.  It was a learning experience for all of us and Jensen and I will do it again next month.  We delivered 7 meals to local elderly folks that all live near us.  It was good week for learning and flexibility.

Our PTO hosted two workdays to clean up the school.  It was a lot of work but very rewarding.

Friday, August 26, 2016

2nd Week of August

We went to Rock Springs Campmeeting a few times and the girls and I even spent the night.  It was quite the experience with lots of rain and primitive conditions, but a great memory to make.

We went with the Taylors to Discovery Place and the kids had a blast.  The new exhibits were great and we explored for a while. We ate lunch outside and then went back for a little more fun.

Wednesday we drove down to the beach with Grammy.  Wendy, Jake, and Beth came down too.  We had a great few days and the kids didn't want to leave. We watched as much Olympics as we could and we enjoyed our time together.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

1st week of August

Haven had an audiologist appointment last Monday because she didn't pass her screening at the doctor.  She did show some hearing loss/stiff bone in the middle ear.  We will go back in three months to see if it has changed.  

I took the kids to our favorite shaded park in Huntersville.  It was so nice to be outside and it not be so hot.

The next day, I had a nice run on the Y trail.  

We stayed up late multiple nights in a row and the kids slept in multiple mornings in a row.

We went to South Mountains State Park on Wednesday and the kids did awesome.  They made it all the way to the top and then we splashed around in the river.  So beautiful and refreshing.

Thursday night we went to Rock Springs Campground for a little while and enjoyed that tradition.

Friday morning, we went with our neighbors, the Pettersons, to Defy Gravity and Chickfila. 

Friday night, we celebrated Jeff's bday at dinner and then saw a beautiful rainbow on the way to Jackie's for cake and ice cream.