Tuesday, July 5, 2016

TOAL 2016- Day 3 and 4

We missed the city bus again, so we had an extra hour to play with cute kids at the campground.

Colonial Williamsburg had a great homestead to explore.

These guys were sawing thin logs for siding.

Jovie had a potato discussion with these ladies.

Once we walked into Colonial Williamsburg we started exploring and Jovie found the ball and chains on the gates.  Very interesting invention to keep the gates closed.

It was hot and sunny.  We enjoyed the shade as much as possible.

I was the only one that wanted to experience this embarrassment.

Jensen and I went into the courthouse.

We ate lunch at one for the taverns and had some live music.

The kids got to dig on a real archeological dig.  It was through a college research program and they were digging for artifacts where an old store basement used to be.

The armory was really neat.  

The weaving rooms were my favorite on this trip.

The shoe store

The apothecary

Another long ride home on the city bus.

The pool was a nice refreshing way to end our day.

Jovie woke us up the next morning.

Cracker Barrel is necessary on vacation.

We started driving north and stopped at Mount Vernon to see one of George Washington's estates.


Potomac River


Slave Quarters

They had a really nice museum built since we were there last.

We wanted to stop a while in DC but couldn't find parking.  We drove around to see some of the monuments.

The kids enjoyed a dvd on our long ride to PA.

Our home for the week, the Sunseeker.

We later learned that those windmills are on the site of the Turkey Hill factory.

We entered the beautiful, amish country of PA.

We got to our campground late and it was was pretty nasty, but luckily we were able to stay safe in our camper.

I did have to wash close and unfortunately I had to hold the dryer button the whole time and our clothes still didn't get dry.  That is not the way I wanted to spend an evening on vacation.

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