Friday, May 20, 2016

Art Festival

Haven's art and music teacher organized an amazing festival for the school.  It was a PTO/performance/Festival all in one.  They did a great job with everything and the turn out was amazing.  It also raised money for the arts programs.

They set up the cafeteria with lots of different art projects to enjoy.

This was probably the favorite, throwing cotton balls with paint at the wall.

Of course, Jovie found the most simple project to enjoy, drawing in a frame.

First grade sang a few songs.  Haven was really nervous, but then performed and smiled the whole time.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Changes

Haven looks like a jack-o-lantern these days.

Trump visited our house one morning.

Jovies' preschool field trip was a hit as usual. 

We've been watching funny toy videos on youtube.  The kids have even made some of their own.

Jake is playing kid pitch baseball now.  He is doing so well.

We've realized that these two really do have the same head of hair.  

We saw a few spring friends on the y-trail one day.

These two were showing their muscles one day swinging.

We had a few baby birds visit us in our birdhouse.