Saturday, December 26, 2015

christmas festivities

We went to the Schuerrmans Gingerbread Party.  The kids loved playing outside, eating snacks, and decorating the gingerbread houses.

Jovie and Jensen had a very cute Christmas program at preschool about 3 little fur trees that wanted to find a family to live with over Christmas.  Jovie was a red bird that took the tree feathers and Jensen was a bunny that took the tree berries.  They sang so well and smiled on stage.  We were really proud of them.

Jensen was proud of himself.

After school, we took them to Cherry Berry to celebrate their awesome performance.

On Friday, after school we went uptown to see Jeremy's office and the singing bears.  

It was so cold and windy in town.  We were freezing.

The Ritz had a beautiful gingerbread house.  The hotel is so beautiful!

The kids loved the elf poking his head out the window.

 On the way home, we took a wide loop back to Stanley to see the Outdoor Christmas Scenes.  As always, it was entertaining.

On Saturday, we met at Showmars for our birthdays and Santa was there.

We headed to Denton in the afternoon, for the Country Christmas Train.  It was really cold, but a beautiful night.  

The doughnuts were delicious.

Everything was decorated really pretty.

We waited for a while for the train, but had fun.  We could warm up by the fire when we got cold.  It was 20 minute ride with the Christmas story, pretty lights, an elf workshop, and Christmas carols.

There were stores to look in, collections of dolls and radios, music, and animals.

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