Monday, December 14, 2015

Beautiful Week!

We have had some nice, warm December days lately.  The little ones and I harvested our carrots at the Y garden.  It has been a fun year, growing things and learning in the garden.

Haven came home from school last Monday with a fever.  She laid around after school and Jovie kept bringing her things to make her feel better.  She stayed home from school Tuesday and we had a fun day together.  Luckily, she felt better on Wednesday for her birthday.

We finished our tree and have lots of packages under it already.

Jensen got a few more birthday presents and he was excited!

Our advent learning has been going well. This year we have been drawing on our window with dry erase markers to remember the stories.  I couldn't handle making all of the ornaments this year.

Jeremy took off work for our anniversary last Friday.  We went to the Y and the little ones had a blast playing in the gym like they always do.  The weather was beautiful so we were outside the rest of the day.

We went for non traditional thank you notes for Jensen this year.  He remembered every gift he got and told me what all to draw.

On our way to drop the kids with Jeremy's parent for the evening, Haven fell asleep in the car, which hasn't happened in forever.  Jovie was being silly.

So was Jensen.

We had a fun afternoon and evening for our anniversary. We went uptown to see the vintage market and look around town.  Then we ate at Old Stone in Belmont and walked around Mount Holly took get dessert. We have had an exciting 11 years.

Saturday morning, I ran a 5k with my friend Polly. She did awesome.

We had lunch with the Andlers and the girls were decorated.

Movie fell asleep on the way home, another surprise.

More bejeweled children.  

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