Thursday, November 12, 2015

Gatlinburg with Family

We went to Gatlinburg for the third year last weekend to meet up with Jeremy's family.  The kids love playing together and it is nice to see the beautiful leaves.  We did miss the Christmas lights this year, they weren't on yet.

Every night we ate out for dinner.  It was nice to talk to the kids, but we didn't really get a chance to talk to the other adults.

Stephen, Stacey and I went running on Friday morning and it was a heck of a hilly run.  I saw this sign on the way back. We had gotten some unfortunate news on the way up the mountain and I prayed for a sign. I got a sign.

We had a hot tub on the porch and the kids loved it.

The kids loved exploring around the cabin.  

 We went to Ober Gatlinburg to ice skate.  Haven has been asking to go skating for a year and we had put it off because we knew we would need help with the kids.  I don't skate well and the little ones didn't really like it. Jovie made it around one time and Jensen went twice. Haven loved it and said she wants to do it again.

Jensen and Jovie were just as happy on the quarter rides. 

I always love the zamboni.

 The leaves were definitely prettiest up at Ober.  We couldn't get a picture where everyone was looking.

Jensen was excited to see some of the Avenger characters at a car museum.  Jeremy took the kids in to see the cars because the little ones were free.

We had fun walking around Gatlinburg, people watching, and taking silly photos.

 We had a really nice view of the town from our cabin.

The highlight of the cabin was the old school video game.

Saturday it was rainy so we played around the house, got in the hot tub and then went to see Santa and rode around Pigeon Forge.

We ate dinner Saturday night at a mexican restaurant.  

After dinner, we celebrated Stephen's promotion to Lieutenant.

Gatlinburg at night.

I ran again Sunday morning.  This was the mountain our house was on.  It was to the right of the tower. I had to walk up this sucker. It was a challenge.

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