Monday, November 2, 2015

Disney Day 7

We got up to start a journey to find Jeremy's phone and make it to our breakfast reservation on time.

The Polynesian is so beautiful and there was a nice view of the castle from the restaurant.

I wish we would have had more time to look around the resort, but we were cutting it too close.  They were behind seating us and we had to leave before the characters even made it to our table.

The Stitch juice was delicious.

Breakfast was served family style and it was so yummy.

Lilo and Stitch came by our table a few times and Jensen and I walked around in the parade.  It would have been a fantastic event if we would have had more time.

We raced back to our bus to get on another bus to the airport.  We made it in time and had a nice flight home.  We all had a great time in Florida.  It may be a few years before we go back, but it was a great memory filled vacation.

When we got home the girls brought out some toys and displayed them on the couch.

They wanted them to meet the new friends that they brought home from vacation.

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