Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Everyday

September was full of just ordinary days.  We did a lot of playing with friends, getting into our school routines, and enjoyed the beginning of fall.

This day Jovie dressed up like the little girl on Miles from Tomorrowland.  

We got our magic bands in the mail for our upcoming Disney trip.  We are excited.

Jensen slept in the car after a play date one day.  He only falls asleep in the car every few weeks/months. Not very often anymore, but he sleeps good at night.

One morning, they were all up early watching a show together in their jammies.

We saw this funky rainbow in the sky at Wendy's house while were in between dance classes one Wednesday.

Jeremy fixes us eggs most mornings and he is really turning into an amazing chef.

Every now and then they all sit together for a few minutes, but it doesn't last long.  They are all doing so well in school and the girls are enjoying dance and tumbling.  We are off to a fantastic fall.  

We didn't get to go apple picking because of days of rain a few weeks ago and now this weekend Hurricane Joaquin is bringing us lots of rain and wind.

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