Thursday, October 29, 2015

Disney Day 5

Hollywood Studios

As soon as we got to Hollywood Studios, we saw Daisy.  

We got in line for The Great Movie Ride.  It had some scary parts for our little ones, but we just covered there eyes.

I saw this Chevrolet sign in the city area of the park and thought of my Daddy.

These movie sets are so cool.

The kids loved the Honey I Shrunk the Kids area just as much as I did.  We explored there for a while.

We had lunch at Hollywood and Vine with some Disney Junior characters.  It was awesome.  

Handy Manny aka Bob the Builder.  Poor Manny.  We love his show.

Jake came by.  We love him too.

The girls loved Sofia's dress and I loved seeing them hug her so sweetly.

Our favorite doctor came by too.  Doc McStuffins is played in our house almost daily.

The Little Mermaid show was awesome.  

The most magical experience was the Disney Junior show.  We love those shows and it was neat to hear the music and see the characters.  There were bubbles, snow, gold doubloons and streamers which was thrilling.

After a bathroom break, we were entertained by a few performers.  They liked our kids and were talking to them.

The Beauty and the Beast show was great too.  I love shows.  The girls like them for about 10 minutes. Jensen enjoys them too.  He has always sat well in performances.

The parks were so busy.  Here is an example at Hollywood Studios and this is what it looked like at all of them.  

The best show of the day was the Frozen Sing-a-long.  There was funny comedy, singing, and snow.  

Haven and I went back to Honey I Shrunk the Kids while the rest of them went to the Muppets show.

We left Hollywood Studios and went to Epcot to see my sister and her family.  

We ate delicious food in Mexico and watched the sunset.  Then we headed to Land and Sea and rode a few rides.

After the rides, there were lots of interactive play areas.

The aquarium was really nice too.  We were all pooped and watched a few fireworks on our way out. It was awesome to be there with cousins.  They were thrilled to see each other.  There was a lot of excitement even though everyone was really tired.  

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