Saturday, October 31, 2015

Disney Day 6

On Friday morning, we got up early, hopped on yet another bus to magic kingdom, and then took the ferry boat over to The Grand Floridian resort.

Haven smiled for every picture on this trip.  She is maturing so much and had so much fun.

This resort is beautiful and so fancy.

We had yet another delicious buffet for breakfast.  Mary Poppins came to our table quickly and she was very serious.  

Alice came next and she was super sweet.

The Mad Hatter was pretty crazy.  

Everybody was excited to see Winnie Pooh and Tigger.

We said goodbye to Meems, Peeps, and Lyndsey and headed back to Magic Kingdom.

We ventured to a few different spots and the crowds were much lower, which was fantastic.

These kids went through 5 containers of bubbles with their new bubble maker.  They even had other kids asking them to borrow it and they did great sharing.

We decided to meet Ariel because her line wasn't very long.  We didn't stand in line for any other princesses.  

We decided to play a while in the Dumbo area.  It was pretty cool, circus theme play room.

Jovie didn't want to sit in the middle.  Jeremy and Jensen were behind us.

We got a fastpass for the go carts and that was fun.

We went in the Monster's University Show, but Jovie couldn't handle it.  She was done with all of the shows and characters and needed a banana break.

We went to Tom Sawyers island and that was neat, but we were getting tired and everybody was whiny.

Jeremy and the girls went to ride Splash Mountain because the line got really short and Jensen and I did a few things together.  We rode Buzz Lightyear again and saw the parade with ice cream.

He sat on my shoulders and was so excited.  He was yelling and squealing the whole time.

On the way out we saw the balloons and they were so pretty, but we were able to slide out without any requests.

On yet another bus ride home and Jeremy lost his phone.  So we spent an hour or so finding out how to get it back, luckily they found it.  

We swam for a little while, but is was so chilly. So we took warm baths and went to play at the resort and eat dinner.  

We played some games in the arcade and they were super excited.