Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another Year of Preschool

These two little ones were thrilled to head back to preschool.  This is Jovie's last year and Jensen is in the 2 year old class.  I know they will learn and grow so much this year.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day Beach Trip

We headed to the beach last Friday.  Haven was excited to get out of school a little early.  We made pretty good time even though we hit some traffic, but the dvd players saved us. Grammy and Pop were already at the beach so the kids were excited to see them when we arrived.

We headed to sub shop for dinner and then hit the sand until dark.

Saturday morning Grammy, Haven and I went to look at the craft fair and then we all went to the beach.  The kids loved swimming, looking at the fish Pop was catching and playing in the sand.

After Grammy and Pop left we went to Pepperoni Grill and the park.  We possibly hit up Dairy Queen as well.

It rained Sunday morning, but doughnuts cheered us up.  The rain parted and we headed to the beach.

Jovie's many faces.

Haven being silly.

Clouds kept rolling through, but it didn't rain again until late that night.

I started reading For the Love by Jen Hatmaker while were away and I really liked these dreams for our kids.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home (and on the way there) and enjoyed Peaches n' Cream as always.  It is so good.

Friday, September 4, 2015

More firsts last week

The girls took horse lessons this summer, but Jensen wanted to so bad.  Last Tuesday he finally got to ride.  He loved it.  He was quiet and focused.  He seemed to enjoy it.

Jumping on the trampoline is always the favorite thing to do at the farm.

On Wednesday, Haven and Jovie started at Ms. Rhonda's School of Dance.  Jovie is taking Tap, Jazz, and Ballet.  Haven is taking Acrobatics. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Day of First Grade

We visited Haven's class room at Open House and met her new teacher Mrs. Hlavacek.  She only knew Trip, Will, and Havok in her class. She said she new her teacher would be really good and that her days have been awesome.  She started last Monday on the 24th.

Jeremy took her in the first day and got her settled.  She has been great everyday!

We were excited to get her off the bus and now she can walk to our house by herself.

After school, we went to Cherry Berry and saw lots of friends. Kyan, Kendrick, and Kaden were the last few that we saw.  What a great day!