Monday, August 10, 2015

Saturdays are our favorite- August 1st

It has been cool the last few Saturday mornings, so after my 7am bible study at the coffee shop, I have been hitting the trails during our family YMCA time.

We have a new bridge with other rope related obstacles on the course.

I checked on our garden too and our tomatoes, cucumbers, and okra are still doing well.  We need to plant again soon.

Last Saturday, we went to Shining Hope Farms for an awards ceremony for the girls.  They loved getting certificates for being summer riders.  Jovie got one for being a new rider and Haven got one for courage because she is riding without a lead line.

Jovie found lipstick in the car and fixed herself up.

We enjoyed time at the park with Daddy.

We also took advantage of the free carwashes at the new place near our house. We had a blast!

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