Saturday, August 8, 2015

Last Week of July

We met the Petersons at Rock Springs Park on Monday for play and picnic and then headed over to Rock Springs school to watch a magic/juggling show that our library provided.

Tuesday, the girls found a baby snake at our house before riding lessons and decided to let it go at the farm.

Jensen liked the idea of making our own poi toy from the juggling show, but wore them as socks instead.

On Tuesday after lunch, we met my friend Wendy from middle/high school at Defy Gravity.  We got to meet her daughters, Brinkley and Quinn and her niece, Kinston.

On Wednesday, we went uptown with the Taylors. We rode the lynx line in from Scaleybark.

The boys were so cute watching the traffic, once we got to Discovery Place.

The new Guitar exhibit was great.

Jelly fish are always so beautiful but creepy.

We stopped at the Grice's pool on the way home to swim.

Haven found a hurt butterfly and cared for it for a while.

Thursday, we played at home a while and then went to the Y.  After the Y, we went to Bailey Road Park.  It was a great park, but so hot.  We didn't last long.

On the way home, we found an ice cream place to cool off.

And on Friday we didn't leave the house until 5pm when we headed to Lake Wylie for the water ski show.  The Trents told us about this and it was awesome.  The kids had never seen anything like this before and loved it.

On the way home the moon was huge and orange.  The kids rarely stay up until dark so they were shocked.  It was beautiful!

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