Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We drove up to Blowing Rock Thursday afternoon and the kids were ready to get on horses as soon as we got there. They love them. 

The weather was cloudy and cool, such a lovely break from a hot summer. The girls and I in jail.

We caught the end of a clogging show and the kids loved it. Jovie was ready to dance.

Jovie has been so full of emotion lately.  She goes from crying her eyes out, to hugging and kissing, so being super silly like this picture.

We took the last train ride for the day and enjoyed the show.

We had time to ride a few rides before the park closed for the day.

Jensen loves games like this.  He ran as fast as could to these games whenever he got a chance.

I told Jensen to smile and this is what face I got.

After Tweetsie closed, we went to Blowing Rock to get ice cream and play at the park.

The heated hotel pool wasn't very heated.

Jovie was cold, so we took pictures.

Mermaid Jovie

Hotel sleeping isn't very fun with 3 little ones.

We went back to Tweetsie, Friday morning rode the chair lift up to the top first.

The kids loved feeding the animals.

The baby goats are so friendly.

This llama kept sizing Jeremy up and then when he got close enough and Jeremy was bigger than him, he turned around and walked the other way.  It was pretty funny.

This was the favorite ride for most of us.

The little train was fun too.

Movie went on stage at the Saloon show.

We all got a good laugh when we saw Jeremy riding the tiny carousel horse.

Jensen ran to the games again.

Haven driving a car for the first time. She did pretty good.

Jeremy, Haven and Jovie rode this Free Fall ride a few times.

Silly faces on the train.

Right before we rode the big train for the last time and left, the kids climbed this hill. Haven came running down without control and slid right on the pavement. She got beat up pretty bad.

We had a great little getaway.  We love making memories with these three.

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