Saturday, July 4, 2015

More Summer Fun

The kids visited with the Andlers for TWO whole nights last week and I got my hair did!

I also went to Target and tried on everything in the store that I liked. I only bought one shirt each for me and the girls for our upcoming Disney trip in October. Also, I wanted to blog about my recent change in my body.  After stopping nursing Jensen last year, I started packing on the pounds even while working out really hard. I have always been scared to diet, but read the Trim Healthy Mama book and loved the easy, practical steps they give to change the way I eat and see lifetime results.  I have lost around 30 lbs since my birthday. Last year, I gained 17 lbs from my normal/pre-pregnancy/after-pregancy weight.  So I am actually back lower now than my pre-Haven weight.  I really don't care about what the scale says, but I have enjoyed watching it go down. My main goal is to be healthy, to feel good, and feel strong.  I'm getting there.

Jensen is getting so busy.  He climbs, runs, jumps, fights, rolls, etc.  We are having to constantly remind him of rules and appropriate behavior.

The firetruck came to the library this past week. The kids loved seeing the firefighters and trucks.

We went to the park afterward and Jovie wanted me to take a picture of her hanging and swinging.

We went uptown to visit Jeremy while Haven was at grand-camp with Peeps.  After lunch, we went to the Clifford exhibit at the library.

Jovie has been using the nebulizer the last week because she has a cough that won't go away.

We went to the $1 movies to see Turbo. We met Mason and Lisa there.

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  1. I hate we missed the firetrucks...we went to see Clifford too! Everything was so cute!