Thursday, April 30, 2015

Enjoying Spring!

We really have had a mild, cool spring. We have had our share of gray, rainy days, but that's okay.  It has been great to just stay outside for hours!

The kids have enjoyed our new neighbors, whom we already knew from preschool, Trip and Axel.

We have played in the rain on countless days.

Jensen is enjoying accessories these days.

My mom and I took a trip to Cline's Antiques and then another antique mall not far down the street.  It was a fun day.

Our preschool had a very big, successful yard sale.

Haven found a snake inches from Jensen playing one day.

More playing in the rain.

The library trail is always calling us.

Our "Earth Day Power Promise" was to pick up trash in our neighborhood.

It was finally time to throw away the yellow boots.  Our old neighbor, Marley, gave them to Haven when she moved away.  Haven was a tiny baby and everybody has worn them until the soles were coming off.

Haven got brave last Saturday at the Y and got her yellow band!

The little ones and I had a picnic at the Energy Explorium on Monday.  Nice, free fun.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Break

This was our first full week Spring break from school and we enjoyed it. It was nice for everyone to be out of our normal routine. I enjoyed having a break from packing lunch everyday for everyone.  Jeremy took some time off of work and the kids played for ours with toys and outside.  It was glorious. We ended up having great weather too.

On Monday, we ran errands and enjoyed some time by the creek at the y.

We went to the tree park and explored the new trail work they are doing. We miss the trees.  I don't know why they cleared out so much.

Jensen took a few naps in the car and that was wonderful.

On Tuesday, we went to Patterson Farm for a farm hand day and learned about all of the chores on a farm. The kids loved filling their baskets with farm products and then cashing it in for ice cream. It was cloudy, but didn't rain on us. We had the place to ourselves.

Baby sheep had just been born.

Baby chicks were soft.

Honey bees

Learning how to milk a cow

Funny chickens

 We all went swimming at the Lowes YMCA afterward and had a blast.

On Wednesday, we played at home and then went to Jetton park in the afternoon. They love these big swings and were all about to fall asleep.

Wednesday night, Haven and I went to see Cinderella.  It was a great movie, but we liked the Frozen Fever Short the best.

On Thursday, we headed to Spencer to visit the NC Transporation Museum.  We all enjoyed it! Tractors, Trains, old cars, and ice cream.

On Friday morning, the kids and I rode to Kings Mountain with my mom to visit Aunt Punk and Uncle Farchel.  We loved spending time with them and the kids had a blast playing at their house. 

Later that day, Haven had everyone ready for school on the back porch.  They love the little rockers that they got in Kings Mountain.

Jensen enjoyed his time at home playing with every toy he could get his hands on.

On Saturday, we had lunch with Lyndsey, Gracie, and the rest of the fam for Lyndsey's birthday!

Later that day, Haven's second tooth fell out! Well, I actually helped pop it out because it was just hanging to lose. We were excited for it to be out of Haven's way.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

We had a wonderful Easter holiday. We celebrated our Savior on Saturday at a service with both our families.  It was nice to have everyone there.

Jeremy and I served on Sunday, but we all still went to church. We tried to take a few pictures while everyone was dressed up.  Haha

Jeremy's dad loves to hide eggs for the kids.  The year they each had their own section of the yard to hunt.

Our small group has been studying The Gospels this spring, so it was neat to go through this holiday with that preparation. Happy Resurrection Day!