Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kitchen Addition

We decided a while back that a weird wall to the left of our kitchen sink was an empty waste of space. 

So, this week we had a friend come take it down. It was so fun to see it happen. The kids loved watching.

It was the weirdest shape and hollow except for the thermostat and light switch.

This change gives us 3 more feet of countertop which means we got to pick out new ones.

The new extended wall patched and mudded.

I bought brackets at Ikea and cedar planks at lowes.  I stained and then we installed them.

This gave us so much more storage throughout the whole kitchen.

It was fun to take off the countertops.

The installation went easy and the new countertops look great.

Our kitchen is so much bigger now.

That is one long counter.

Jeremy, pop, and I installed the new faucet and sink thanks to youtube.

Haven used the $7 stool for the first time last night for her homework.  Just what I envisioned.

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  1. That looks fantastic! I love the granite you picked and the shelves look awesome. It makes it look so much bigger!