Saturday, February 7, 2015

First week of February

I found Jensen and Jovie looking out the window at birds. Sweet siblings.

Jovie was proud of her picture of "God touching the stars while people watched." I love that God has three parts, but she knows nothing about the trinity. So sweet.

She probably won't be able to pick him up like this for much longer. I am sure he will catch her in size in a few years.

Jovie has been into sorting. Sorting everything, everywhere.

Haven dressed up for the 100th day of school like a 100 year old lady. She was classy with her jewelry, wrinkles, bun, and dress shoes. 

The love taking baths together. They get super silly.

Bethany invited us to a fun valentine's day party on Friday. It was so good to see friends and let all of the little ones play. 

My princesses and the cowboy princess

He said he was "Let it Go Cowboy." 

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