Monday, January 26, 2015

Teacher Workdays

Haven had 3 days off school this past week. On Monday we came home from the beach. On Tuesday, Haven had a play date with her friend Clara from preschool. She and I had lunch together before picking up the littles from preschool.  On Wednesday, the Norkett girls came over to play for the morning. 

Jovie was proud of this doll display and asked for a picture.

On Wednesday afternoon, we played outside with neighbors and at the neighborhood park. James came over for a little while and the kids were so cute sitting with him.

Haven had school on Thursday, but we went to the Lincolnton Y after Jensen woke up to swim at the indoor pool. I wish I could have taken a video of how well Haven was swimming. She was so brave and even swam under the water. The other two had fun too, but they were in their life jackets floating around.

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  1. She told me she was swimming under the water, and I couldn't figure out when she'd been able to swim. It was too cold at the beach!