Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Extremes

Winter in NC is always interesting. We had a full week of gray, wet, cold weather. We played with legos and stayed inside until we just couldn't take it anymore. Then we have beautiful days with temperature in the 60s.

After the cold, gray week, we took off to OKI for the MLK, Jr. weekend. It was chilly on the beach, but we were in heaven. A full day of playing in the sand did us all a lot of good.

Sunday morning it was raining, so we hopped on the ferry and visited the Ft. Fisher area.

Feeding the seagulls is always a fun time.

The aquarium was fun to explore as usual. 

We watched a dive show.

We ate lunch at a little diner in Kure beach and then headed back to Ft. Fisher for a little bit of the 150th anniversary of the battle.  There was music, reenactments, booths, and a museum.

Since the sun came back out we headed back to beach, but it was high tide. There wasn't much beach to play on, but there was lots of foam.

The kids enjoyed all of Grammy and Pop's hats.

On Monday, we enjoyed a nice morning at the park and then lunch at Sub Shop again. We headed home and stopped in Mint Hill for a visit.

It was nice to get away and enjoy creation.

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  1. Fun! Fun! Love the pictures, especially the squishy faces in their headphones.