Sunday, December 14, 2014

Celebrate the Season!

This year we decided to try the Truth in the Tinsel advent ebook. I have loved our daily bible reading and craft and the kids have too.

Day 1 reminded us that Jesus is the light!

We enjoyed an unexpected Monday together after Thanksgiving with Haven because she wasn't feeling well. We have been passing an intestinal bug around.

Another advent activity was to make a crown ornament and we also made crowns to wear to remind us that Jesus is our King!

The Mt. Holly parade was a hit as always! Jake was in it this year with Boy Scouts.

The craft for the story of Zechariah was really cute and the girls thought it was amazing that he was unable to talk until John was born.

We made pretty angels to represent Gabriel. It might be a little girly, but the girls had fun.

Many more fun celebrations to come!

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