Tuesday, December 23, 2014

10 year Anniversary Trip Day 1 and 2

Jeremy and I were so thankful that we were able to take a trip to Nashville, Tennessee for our 10 year anniversary. We left on Wednesday and enjoyed a great drive to our cute cabin in Mt. Juliet.  The next morning we stopped for breakfast at Panera and then went to the "big city" as our cabin owner called it.

We took a tour to Studio B through the Country Music Hall of Fame. They took us on a drive down Music Row before getting to the studio.

It was amazing to hear the stories and listen to the music that was recorded at Studio B. Elvis, Roy Orbison, and The Everly Borthers all recorded here.

We got to sit in the studio and hear stories about Elvis recording here only at 10pm on Sunday nights.

Jeremy posing with the huge xylophone.

The sweet spot in the room was right where the blue sticker was on the floor.

Honky Tonk piano

Union Station

Back at the Hall of Fame we listened to the audio tour and learned a lot of history.

Elvis had an amazing car with gold interior and the paint job was amazing. 

Elvis' gold piano

Jeremy holding up Dolly's rack.

Hatch Show Print is now in the Hall of Fame building. They make all show posters for the Ryman. It was amazing to see all of the letters and presses. I LOVE IT!

We found Elvis out on the street.

We ate lunch at the famous Puckett's Grocery.

We also toured the Ryman Auditorium. We loved reading about what all has taken place there.

We spent a little time in the Music City Center letting Jeremy rest his back (he hurt it at the gym before we left Wednesday morning) and charging my phone. 

This place was amazing. It was a huge convention center with beautiful architecture and artwork. There was a green roof and this huge 4 story art installment. It was made of chain. 

We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory, the food was bad, but it is was neat to be at one of those again. We used to have one in Charlotte. The Christmas decorations downtown were pretty and music was coming out of every restaurant and bar. Lots of people were singing or playing on the streets too. Some good and some horrible.

We went back to the Ryman for the Christmas Concert with Amy Grant and Vince Gill. 

It was an amazing concert with great music. Vince Gill was amazing. They sang wonderful Christmas songs, but my favorite were "Give Me Jesus" and "Whenever You Come Around."

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! It's funny you said the Old Spaghetti Factory was bad... I had never been to one until we went when we were visiting friends in Louisville a few years ago and I agree that the food was not good!