Saturday, November 22, 2014

Asheboro Zoo

We used our Veteran's Day holiday this year to visit the zoo. We hadn't been in a while and we had so much fun! The weather so perfect. The kids enjoyed the play areas of the zoo even more than the animals.

We finally saw the polar bears in the new exhibit.

Jensen was squealing the whole time as the bear dove in the water to swim around.

He rode on my back very content!

The river otters are always a favorite.

They had a replica of Old Faithful.  Pretty cool and Haven thought so too. She was taking pictures with her own camera.

Jovie had a turn on my back.

This mom and baby gorilla were snoozing and cuddled so sweetly.

Haven had a turn too.

The kids play area is amazing. 

Haven has calluses on her hands from all the swinging and hanging she does.

We had an awesome day!

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