Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thinking about...

Here are some things that are constantly rolling around in my head. I just like to document things like this because this is our family scrapbook.

- our kids have changed so much this summer. Jensen is such a big kid now. It is amazing how much he can do at 1.5 years old. Haven only has 2 weeks before kindergarten. Jovie is just getting long and is totally a 3 year old. drama!

- this summer has been a blessing for me. i have enjoyed my kids and all our special little outings.

- wisdom teeth removal stinks. i am ready to feel 100% again. i have realized i am obsessive about putting my tongue in the holes. i hate it!

- i dreamed we had another baby boy and our pastor was the first person to meet him in the hospital with me, but i was walking around happy as a lark.

- i hate carpet. we are destroying this white carpet in our house. i try to clean spots and keep it vacuumed, but red stuff doesn't really come out. we need to start researching hardwood floors again because i would like a little different look than we had at our first house.

- if we change the floors, should we change anything else at the same time? extend the kitchen wall or add storage, paint the girls' room, etc.

- the essential oils we have added to our life seem to really work. so far we have used them for sore throats, bug bites, diffusing in the house, and i like it!

- spending time together as a family is so precious and needed for us. then when we get lots of time with extended family and friends it is just even better.

- the library storytime this summer has been so special. we have so many friends that we get to see every week. i love having so many special people in our lives. i guess i am like my daddy. i enjoy talking to people everywhere i go.

brain dump part 1 completed!


  1. if we don't write it down, we will def. forget! good thing it's documented :)

  2. I've been seeing a lot about essential oils lately. Where did you get yours and what ones are you using?

  3. i ordered mine from a friend that orders from Young Living. i probably should have done a little more research before, but i trusted her opinion and bought the starter kit. i have used lavender, thieves, purification(a blend), and frankincense the most so far.