Monday, August 25, 2014

Kindergarten, here we come!

Haven and Jovie packed all of their school supplies. They loved looking at all of the new stuff for their classrooms.

We had Haven's orientation on Friday. We met her teacher Mr. Bean, the assistant Mrs. Propst and many more people that work at her school. 

Her classroom is pirate themed. Haven has a few friends in her class: Ben from church, Katelynn from cheerleading, and Ava and Trip from our neighborhood.

Haven wasn't thrilled about us getting her up early nor was she thrilled about us leaving her at school. She started her morning work and cried for a few minutes. Mr. Bean said she only cried for 30 seconds after we left.

We picked her up and she told us all about her day. She loved playing with the smartboard, learning about the centers in her class, reading her first book, and seeing other friends she knew around the school.

Yay for a great, first day!

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