Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nursery Update

I finally got up my nerve to try stenciling. I saw this birch tree stencil used in a playroom and thought it was so pretty. Stenciling was way more forgiving than I could have imagined. I would think I messed up and then I couldn't even tell if I did. I will definitely try it again. The walls were already off white, so I just painted over the stencil with a medium gray.

I love trees and although trees in nurseries were popular 6 years ago, I still love them. I love the natural aspect of the branches and bringing nature indoors. I love the scriptures that reference trees because they are full of strength and hope. I love having birch trees in this room because we had a birch tree right outside the window of the nursery at our old house. I also wanted to bring large mural-type artwork into this room since I left my beloved hand-painted tree mural at our old house.

This room is now freshened up and has some added dimension to such a tiny space.


  1. You did such a great job! Looks wonderful! It's good to know stenciling is forgiving... I would have thought the opposite. Hopefully Jensen appreciates your hard work :)